Sacred Home Creatrix 

Daughter, sister, aunt, mother, wife, friend, creatrix and infinitely more!I was born and raised in Cali and moved to Lil' Rhody in 2011. Cali will forever hold a special place in my heart and I will always be missing my family, friends, and the tacos but I'm proud to now call Rhode Island home!I am a eccentric bohemian chick who values all life, and the equality and diversity of those lives. I believe everyone always has room to grow and needs space to grow at their own pace. My passion for conservation, helping others, and my creative personality are the driving force behind Sacred Home.Living a sacred life to me means, living a life that honors and is guided by ones own truth. My hope is to assist others in honoring their own truths by helping them create and nurture sacred space within their homes and lives. I imagine your thinking something like..."How does a house cleaning or shopping service contribute to me living a full and sacred life?!?" Our time is so precious, I believe anything that allows us more time for ourselves and loved ones intrinsically contributes to a full and sacred life. I'm so ecstatic for the journey ahead and hope you'll join me as new chapters to the Sacred Home story unfold!
Peace, Love, and Light, Leesha